Top 5 Retire With Confidence Podcast Episodes of 2020

Top 5 Retire With Confidence Podcast Episodes of 2020

| January 04, 2021

Top 5 Retire With Confidence Podcast Episodes of 2020

We have officially wrapped up 2020. Over the last 12 months, financial advisors Nick Hopwood, CFP® and Jim Pilat, AIF® have shared tools and strategies on the Retire With Confidence Podcast to guide you on your retirement planning journey. Here are our top five episodes of the year: 

#1: EP 079: Coronavirus Market Update March 15, 2020

Nick Hopwood, CFP® and Jim Pilat, AIF® of Peak Wealth Management talk about their thoughts on COVID-19 and the markets over the past few weeks. 

#2: EP 082: Nick Hopwood Celebrates 20 Years in Finance Industry

In EP 082, Peak Wealth Management's Nick Hopwood, CFP® talks with Jim Pilat, AIF® on his 20th anniversary in the financial industry.

#3: EP 074: Hopwood 2020 Financial Plan

Financial Advisor Jim Pilat, AIF® interviews Financial Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Nick Hopwood, CFP® about the Hopwood Family Financial Plan for 2020. The goal here is demonstrate our 100% transparent and 100% authentic approach to offering sound guidance and recommendations. Our job is to inspire you to make great decisions and we believe we need to be truly authentic and transparent. 

#4: EP 076: Live Broadcast from Peak Global HQ on WTKA

This is a unique episode - it is a recording of the live broadcast on Feb 6, 2020 at Peak Global Headquarters. Peak was featured on the Michael Spath Show on WTKA. The whole team got in on the action - hear from  Nick Hopwood, CFP® and Jim Pilat, AIF®, as well as Patti Wojcik and Gwen Smith

#5: EP 080: Retirement Income Planning with Sheryl O'Connor, and Co-Founder of Income Conductor

Nick Hopwood, CFP® of Peak Wealth Management speaks with Sheryl O'Connor of Income Conductor about next-gen retirement income planning. As a retirement income expert, Sheryl explains some of the various distribution strategies utilized by advisors and the pros and cons of each.