Wealth Management Partnering with Teachers

Guiding Teachers Towards Financial Security

Teachers do an amazing job of educating and looking out for our children, but who is looking out for them when it comes to their retirement?

As the New York Times pointed out in an October 2016 article titled, "Think Your Retirement Plan Is Bad? Talk to a Teacher," there are a tremendous amount of pitfalls when it comes to planning a teachers retirement.  Don't let your 403(b) keep you from the retirement you deserve.

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Additional Resources

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5 part New York Times Article - Think Your Retirement Plan Is Bad, Talk To A Teacher

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Understanding your Pension - How Does The Teachers Retirement System Work

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As independent financial advisors, we can guide you towards the 403(b) that is in your best interest. 

No high up front commissions.  No lengthy surrender periods.  No expensive annuities.  No hidden fees.

A typical cost savings of 1% will save you $1,000 each year on a $100,000 account balance.

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