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The Plan, The Plan, The Plan
Official Wealth Management Partner of MGoBlog

You've probably done a great job saving. You probably have an awesome spreadsheet you've made which calculates your financial projections.

But you don't have a coach who's been there before and seen hundreds of cases. Who knows which plays to call and when. Who can help you read between the lines on that spreadsheet. Who can help you Retire with Confidence. Get a second opinion from Peak. Schedule an appointment with our convenient online tool by clicking below. 

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We believe by providing education and guidance we can inspire you to make great decisions putting you on a path towards fulfillment and your definition of true wealth.

We’ve been part of the MGoBlog community since the beginning. Arriving at Michigan in ’97  and riding the bus from Bursley, we’ve walked in your shoes. As a Michigan Fan, you understand the importance of coaching. The importance of having a true Michigan Man on the sideline. 

Get to know Peak Wealth

Learn more about Nick and his Michigan roots. Check out our #nickneedsU2Know 60-second video series. Watch our ten-minute planning demo, to see how the tools we use to visualize your financial planning future. Take our two-minute online Investment Risk Questionnaire. Learn about how we partner with Institutional Strategists in our UMAX Investment Platform. Study the original Peak Income 360 Formula and Diversify Your Income in Retirement. You can even start your own Retirement Analysis with our software. We also have dozens of other podcast episodes available.



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