Learn About The Peak Process

Growing up in a small town, Nick witnessed great people making a lot of poor financial decisions. He thought to himself, he never wanted to be in that position -  putting his retirement at risk. We believe by providing education and guidance, we inspire our clients to make great decisions putting them on a path toward fulfillment and their own definition of true wealth. 

When clients walk out the door, they know exactly where they stand. They have confidence and peace of mind they are not going to run out of money in retirement. If they are not on track today, they know exactly which changes they need to make in order to get back on track.

Over the last seventeen years, our team has developed and refined our process, which helps people understand what is important to them and what they value most. It’s called Blueprinting.

Guaranteed pensions do not exist as they did in the past, therefore, we are adding multiple income streams during retirement, a strategy we call Peak Income 360. 

By partnering with TD Ameritrade Institutional, we have access to the world’s leading institutional strategists with our award-winning UMAX platform . We provide all resources and benefits of a large firm, while maintaining a local presence and offering unparalleled personal service. 

At Peak Wealth Management, our goal is to build long-lasting relationships. We do that by building trust, demonstrating our integrity, and letting our clients know how much we care.