<sup></sup>Official Wealth Management Partner of Inside the Huddle

Official Wealth Management Partner of Inside the Huddle

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We believe we can inspire you to make great decisions so you can Retire with Confidence!

You're probably on this page because you've heard our ad on WTKA or Nick Hopwood as a studio guest on Inside the Huddle. Perhaps you’re not happy with your investment results, or maybe you are not sure where you stand relative to your retirement goals. We’re here to help, so you can Retire with Confidence! We invite you to get to know us better by checking out the following resources:

-Learn more about Nick Hopwood, CFP® and his Michigan roots

-Check out our 2-minute Firm Profile Video

-Finding True Wealth Podcast (check out Nick's personal financial plan for 2019)

- #nickneedsU2know Which is our 60-second planning tips video series

- Ten-minute Financial Planning demo

- Take the 2-minute online Risk Assessment to see how you should be invested

- Learn about our investment philosophy with UMAX

-Learn about Peak Income 360, our passive income formula

- Start your own financial planning process

-Check out Finding True Wealth, Michael's favorite financial planning podcast!

- Finally, schedule a time to speak with us for a second opinion! 

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We believe by providing education and guidance we can inspire you to make great decisions putting you on a path to Retire With Confidence

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Calling Nick our official financial planner is not intended as financial advice; Nick is an advertiser who financially supports Inside the Huddle. Michael Spath and WTKA are not responsible for any advice or other communication provided to an investor by any financial advisor and makes no representations or warranties as to the suitability of any particular financial advisor and/or investment for a specific investor.