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We’ve been part of the MGoBlog community since the beginning. Arriving at Michigan in ’97  and riding the bus from Bursley, we’ve walked in your shoes.

 As a Michigan Fan, you understand the importance of coaching. The importance of having a true Michigan Man on the sideline. 

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You've probably done a great job saving. You probably have an awesome spreadsheet you've made which calculates your financial projections.

But you don't have a coach who's been there before and seen hundreds of cases. Who knows which plays to call and when. Who can help you read between the lines on that spreadsheet. Who can help you sleep well at night. 

What is your investment strategy?

When will you be able to retire?

Are you doing everything you can to reach your goals?

It's time to connect. Fill out the form below and spend a little quality time with a CFP. Or give us at call at 734-681-7575 or

Client Centered

Nick Hopwood is a Certified Financial Planner, the most respected designation in the industry. Along with his financial expertise, wealth management software, and award-winning  investment platforms, we have have the tools to you need to succeed.

If you would like a complimentary second opinion on your finances, please call the office at 734-681-7575 or fill out the form below.

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Your Financial Coach

Your Financial Coach

A Michigan graduate coaching Michigan fans to reach financial freedom