Retirement Planning Today: Retire with Confidence.

We believe Retirement Planning Today involves more than just planning for finances.

BluePrinting and Lifestyle Planning

What do you value most? What is your meaningful purpose? We believe Retirement Planning involves more than just money. This section involves a podcast to accompany the workbook you've already received. 

Additional Lifestyle Planning Resources

BluePrinting is just the start. Click the button below to be directed to our dedicated Lifestyle Planning Page, which includes several more podcast episodes featuring Nick Hopwood, CFP® interviewing various experts and coaches on the topic. 

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Take Inventory

The foundation of your financial plan is understanding your balance sheet/net worth and income statement/cost of living. We've developed this template to help you get started. Also check out the podcast below, which discusses our recommended best practices.

Roadblocks and Mistakes

A major theme of the common mistakes section has to do with spending, debt and not taking advantage of tax incentives to save and invest for retirement. In this section we would like you to listen to the following three podcasts:

Spending and Lifestyle Creep - have we mentioned we should track our expenses?

America's Refinance Addiction - focus on the payoff, not the payment!

Retirement Funding Priorities -  should you start with a 401k? Roth IRA? HSA? 

Retirement Accounts and Social Security

Social Security, Portfolio, Rental Real Estate, Consulting, No Debt, these are all part of the Peak Income 360 Formula, which seeks to replace the Pension which many of us are missing these days. Study the Peak Income 360 Handout, watch this quick video below, and listen to the podcast below. Also below is our Social Security Podcast and Roth Conversion Podcast. But first, don't forget to visit the Social Security website and download your latest statement. Click the button below. 

Investment Risk and Strategies

Before discussing specific investment strategies or strategists, we always need to start with a discussion about RISK. Start below by clicking the "What's My Risk Number" Button.

Once we understand your risk tolerance, we can begin to build your investment model. We are your gateway to accessing UMAX, our third-party institutional strategists on the TD Ameritrade Institutional Platform. Click here to learn more about UMAX. 


Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance are all important aspects of your comprehensive financial plan. Below we have a podcast on Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance (featuring industry expert Michael Tepper), and Social Security Disability (featuring attorney Jason Steinhelper).  

Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, POA all serve important roles. Naming beneficiaries on insurance and investment accounts are equally if not more important. Take time today to double check your beneficiaries on all accounts. We also have a podcast featuring local Estate Planning Attorney Marc Wander. 

Get To Know Us Better




The Finding True Wealth Podcast with Nick Hopwood, CFP® is a great resource for Nick's Financial Planning tips, investment insights, and other relevant topics. Listen on your daily drive and subscribe on Podbean today!



Take diversification to the next level with UMAX. Enjoy the benefits of the TD Ameritrade Institutional Third Party Strategist Platform and diversify by asset class and strategist. 

Planning With Peak

Planning With Peak

Your comprehensive dashboard. Access your net worth, investments, or budget 24/7/365 wherever you are in the world. Plan With Peak is your complete financial portal, which will allow you to gain a better understanding of where you stand financially relative to your goals.

Plan With Peak
Peak Income 360

Peak Income 360

Guaranteed pensions do not exist like they did in the past. Our Peak Income 360 formula seeks to replace that pension with multiple passive retirement income streams.

Income 360


Since 1999, my team has developed and refined our process, which helps people understand what is most important to them and what they value most. We call it the Blue Printing Process. 

Blueprinting Process
Mission / Vision

Mission / Vision

We believe by providing education and guidance, we inspire out clients to make great financial decisions which puts them on a path toward their own definition of True Wealth. 

Mission / Vision
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PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER            (734) 681-7575      

Nick Hopwood, CFP® is President and Founder of Peak Wealth Management, managing over $160,000,000 in client portfolios since 1999.

Nick is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Economics in 2001. Through the College for Financial Planning and CFP® Board, he earned his CFP® designation in 2005. 

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About Nick

About Nick

Nick is a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER) and industry thought leader creating the BluePrinting Process, Peak Income 360 Formula, hosting the Finding True Wealth Podcast, and was an early adopter with the TD Ameritrade Institutional Third Party Strategist Platform, which we call UMAX

Growing up in a small town, Nick witnessed great people making a lot of poor financial decisions. He thought to himself, he never wanted to be in that position -  putting his retirement at risk. He quickly realized he had a talent to be able to coach others and inspire them to make great financial and life decisions.

Nick is dedicated to the local community; he served on the board of New Hope Center For Grief Support (non-profit) in Northville, he was President of the Business Leaders Team in Northville, and volunteered with Northville Youth Assistance and Northville Civic Concern.

Nick and his wife, Jennifer, along with their children, Hunter, Jack, and Quinn, live in Ann Arbor and are active members of St. Joseph Church in Dexter.

Nick has also had the distinction of being part of the SmartVestor Pro community, organized and recommended by Dave Ramsey.