Top 5 Podcasts of 2018

| January 08, 2019

Top 5 Episodes of Finding True Wealth

It's always fun to look back and review the the prior year. We put a lot of effort into the podcast to bring you quality content. We find existing clients listening as well as people who are looking for a financial planner or financial advisor or wealth manager or CFP® in Plymouth, Northville, Livonia, Canton, Ann Arbor,  Michigan.  Let's take a minute and see which Finding True Wealth Podcasts were the most popular in 2018. 

5. EP 032: Social Security - The Decision of a Lifetime

Here we take a deep dive with how we look at Social Security with respect to retirement planning and investment planning for people who are considering retirement. 

4. EP 045: Nash Equilibriums with Jim Pilat, AIF®

Jim's inaugural visit on the podcast after he started with Peak. 

3. EP 046: The Value of a Professional Fee

This one features Nick and Jim talking about a young man who considering working with Peak but ultimately decided he didn't want to pay a fee. Listen in to see why we believe he made a bad choice!

2. EP 026: Nick's Personal 2018 Financial Plan

Here Nick Hopwood, CFP® talks about the Hopwood Family Financial Plan for 2018 and how we practice what we preach. It doesn't get any more authentic than this!

1. EP 48: Brian Cook of MGOBLOG

Far and away our most popular episode of all time, Nick Hopwood, CFP® interviews MGOBLOG's Brian Cook about his journal from engineer to blog king over the last ten years.