| February 03, 2019
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1099's Available by Feb 15
Many of you are inquiring about your 1099's for 2018. Here is the scoop:
  • If you took a withdrawal from an IRA, your 1099-R is available now at or in the Advisor Client app.
  • If you have an IRA and did not take a withdrawal, you will NOT be receiving a 1099 for that account.
  • If you have a non-retirement account, we expect your 1099 to be available by Feb 15 at or in the advisor client app
  • Remember, over the last 15 years brokerage firms have been issuing "corrected" 1099's at a furious pace, so we recommend sitting tight before filing your taxes just in case you receive a corrected 1099. You don't want to re-file your taxes.
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