Riding the Inflation Rollercoaster | The Steve Gruber Show

Riding the Inflation Rollercoaster | The Steve Gruber Show

| August 30, 2023

Riding the Inflation Rollercoaster

Inflation is a crucial concept that affects our daily lives. It is an economic phenomenon that measures the rise in prices of goods and services over time. Recently the United States economy has witnessed a rise in the prices of gas, food, and other various goods & services.

In this episode, Nick Hopwood, CFP® of Peak Wealth Management joins The Steve Gruber Show to delve into the broader topic of inflation as they discuss the effect it has on the economy and individuals.

Nick and Steve also talk further about the threat of a strike by UAW workers along with the plunge in the stock market. What does this mean for the rest of 2023? Is it possible a recession is near?

Join us as we take a deep dive into the items above as well as how it impacts the US economy.

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