EP 196: Rounding Up At The Register

EP 196: Rounding Up At The Register

| October 03, 2023

EP 196: Rounding Up At The Register

Nick Hopwood, CFP® and Jim Pilat, CFP® of Peak Wealth Management talk about businesses that ask you to "round up" for donations. This tactic has become increasingly popular among businesses, including supermarkets, gas stations, and restaurants. Essentially, when you make a purchase, the business will give you the option to "round up" to the nearest dollar or dollar or another amount, with the difference going towards a charitable cause.

While this may seem like a simple way to give back, some people are skeptical of the practice and question whether businesses are using this as a way to boost their own public image and profits. We will be discussing the pros and cons of "round up" donations, whether they actually make a difference, and the ethical considerations businesses should take into account when implementing these programs.

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