6 Money Saving Tips for Summer

6 Money Saving Tips for Summer

| April 25, 2021

6 Money Saving Tips for Summer

A little planning can save you a bundle. During the summer months, it can become difficult to stay on track with our finances - with vacations, activities, and more. Here are 6 money saving tips for you to take advantage of this summer:

1. Trim up your entertainment budget by $100. As events start to pick back up where you live, make the most of the free stuff like outdoor concerts, movie-on-the-lawn nights, and free days at local museums. Set up your budget using our free expense tracker here.

2. Pocket $400 by skipping the theme park and visiting a natural park instead. As theme parks begin to open this summer, skipping a trip can save you major bucks. The one-day ticket price for a theme park ranges from about $50 to well over $100. That means a family of four could pay anywhere from $200-$400 for just one single day of fun. Keep your cash and visit a state park in the great outdoors instead. Many perks are free or only charge a small entry fee per carload. 

3. Save nearly 20% on energy costs by caulking your windows and doors. This will help your air conditioner not have to work overtime – and it just might help you save up to 20% on your energy costs!

4. Stock up on dollar store snacks before a road trip and save $25-50. Road trips might look a little different this summer. But no matter where you're headed for whatever reason, you can still save some money. If you normally stop for snacks while on the road, buying them at the dollar store ahead of time will help you not buy overpriced treats from a convenience store or gas station.

5. Save $400-500 by pausing your gym membership. When gyms closed last year, you probably discovered you can break a sweat without ever having to step into a fitness center. Take advantage of the warm weather and keep doing your workouts outside. Jog around your neighborhood, do yoga in the backyard, or even do a fitness class on YouTube. If you just suspend your gym membership during the warmer months of April-October, you could save about $400-500!

6. Find vacation discounts. Hotels, airlines, and tourist hotspots are going to be doing all they can to try to seek out summer travelers. This means if you're comfortable with traveling, you're bound to save some major money. Search sites like Travelocity, Airbnb and Kayak to see how much you can save.